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Common Dietary Supplements for Cognitive Health


Cognitive health is very important despite the fact that there are no proper strategies in place to counter cognitive decline. Most people prefer multivitamin supplements to stay health and avoid dementia and cognitive impairment. Physicians should ensure that their patients stick to dietary supplements so that they can be able to improve the status of their health. They should also take the task of ensuring that they advice their people on the potential harms and benefits of not maintaining dietary supplements. Dietary supplements are very important and they are the best forms of alternative or complementary medicines. Advancing age is a major risk when it comes to dementia and cognitive impairment. Some of these dietary supplements for cognitive health are:

Ginkgo biloba

This is an herb that is mainly being used by the older adults for the purposes of cognitive health. According to research that was done in 2000 Americans spend over US$250 million buying this kind of supplement. According to experts the ginkbo biloba has the ability to improve the functioning of the brain. Among the supplements to lower protein ginkbo biloba is among them and more especially in the elderly people. The commonly used doze for ginkbo biloba is 120-240 mg daily.  Experts have tried to carry out many tests that are aimed at examining the efficacy of this supplement so that it can be easy to prevent or reduce dementia andcognitive decline conditions. On the other hand ginkbo biloba can be harmful especially when interacted with other drugs and therefore this is something that you need to take precaution. Read more.

Vitamins B6, B9 and B12

These three kinds of vitamins have an effect on cognition. Deficiencies of vitamins B6, B9 and B12 are what cause a condition known as homocysteine elevation. They also have the ability to reduce the risk of dementia. According to medical experts’ vitamin B6 is important in said to be a cofactor in enhancing homocystein metabolism. Also vitaim B9 is said to be a acting as a donor of the methyl groups and lastly vitamin B12 is said to play the role of enhancing methylation of homocysteine. It is also very important to note that prior studies never demonstrated the benefits of the vitamin B as a supplement. But now it is confirmed that vitamin B can be used to prevent the decline of cognitive. Omega 3 capsules also play the same role as vitamin B and it is very helpful for cognitive purposes.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E stands for two derivatives including tocopherol and tocotrienol. They are both important for medical use. Vitamin E is very crucial for cognitive health and the prevention of dementia. According to studies and research vitamin E can be used for treatment as well as prevention of dementia.

Last but not least, Cognitive impairment and dementia is associated with older adults. Because there are few options it is therefore hard to prevent cognitive decline and due to this older adults are advised to take dietary supplements for cognition. More details in site:


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